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The Sol Yoga Experience

Come see, feel, breathe and experience Sol Yoga Studios. Enjoy freeway close convenience, ample parking, consistent and abundant classes in a beautiful green built and operated studio. Experience exclusive sun-like luxurious warmth created from our unique overhead radiant heat panels. To ensure every breath you take is a deeply inspired one, all of our studios fresh air is hepa-filtered and ultraviolet light purified. This greatly reduces odors, airborne contaminants, dust, germs and microbes which other forced air systems can generate. Our highly skilled and passionate instructors will move your body, mind, and spirit to inspirational music. Then, compliment your practice with fully appointed changing rooms, lockers and private showers.

Green Commitment

At Sol Yoga we acknowledge our planet cannot provide us with an unlimited supply of natural resources. We have dedicated our time and efforts to build and operate Sol Yoga with as many recycled, non-toxic, renewable, biodegradable, energy-saving, VOC free, earth-friendly components and materials we could find.We are proud partners of the Green Yoga Association.

During our build out phase and to minimize our impact on our environment, we re-used everything possible to include; electrical wiring, conduit, existing lighting, the HVAC system, insulation, framing materials, doors, toilets, even nuts, bolts and screws. Over 90% of the waste was delivered to a City of San Diego Environmental Services Department Certified Recycling Facility. All the glues, adhesives, lacquers, finishes, paints and many other items throughout our studio are Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) free, or very low VOC materials, well below EPA and Federal requirements. These Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) are harmful to inhale and can create permanent damage to you and the environment, an often overlooked component of new construction.

All of our wood, bamboo and paper products are Forest Stewardship Council certified, derived from recycled materials, or obtained from managed forestry initiatives. Sol Yoga’s showers are made with ceramic tile derived from clay, not PVC plastic. Our entire plumbing system is metered or flow reduced. The beautifully illuminated bear grass panels that surround the top of our studio are made from an eco-resin constructed with recycled product and Greenguard certified. They are lit entirely with the previous tenants left behind fluorescent tube lights. The reception area, bathrooms and hallway floors are natural stone. Our natural stone is quarried by producers who practice responsible land stewardship and creative land rehabilitation. Over 90% of our lighting comes from energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. Our carpeting is made with recycled materials and environmentally preferred products. All of Sol Yoga’s marble counter tops were donated to us and are all salvaged product. We graciously acknowledge Jorge Aragon, owner of Unique Fabrication Installation, for his generous efforts and donation.

Sol Yoga’s mascot, “Guapo”, heads up our environmental awareness “Watch Dog” group.

Climate Control

To insure every breath you take at Sol Yoga is a deeply inspired one we have implemented a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system. Utilizing the existing cooling and ventilation system we have installed hepa-filtration and ultraviolet light purification to condition the air throughout our studio. We have dramatically increased the fresh air ventilation to our studio so the air you breathe doesn’t feel too heavy or weigh you down. To our credit we have accomplished this with minimal impact on the environment by integrating to the existing cooling and ventilation system.

The sun-like warmth you’ll feel is furnished by Sol Yoga Studios exclusive overhead radiant heat panels. These ceiling mounted heaters aide to warm the body more efficiently than forced air systems, thus preserving precious energy. Unlike most forced air systems, this greatly reduces odors, airborne contaminants, dust, microbes, and bacteria. Our human comfort relies just as much on radiant heat transfer as it does on air temperature. By controlling both the air temperature and the radiant transfer, radiant heat panel systems deliver a comfort that is efficient and unsurpassed.

Sol Yoga Studios heat panels are constructed with recycled materials and are documented by the Department of Energy and the National Homebuilders Association. Ceiling heat saves 20-50% over oil, gas or other electric systems. Our radiant heat panels have a low ‘carbon footprint’ and have life-of-the-building longevity and are fully recyclable. Our supplier has been awarded the E Seal Certificate of Recognition for leadership in marketing, the nation’s highest energy and environmental criteria.


At Sol Yoga our goal is for you to feel as comfortable here as you do in your home. To this vision we have created comfortable changing rooms with carpeted and slate tile floors, private showers and lockers, multiple vanities, eco-friendly air hand dryers and organic earth friendly toiletries.

In celebration of our green eco-friendly concept we will operate Sol Yoga with the same consciousness we displayed during our build-out process. All of our cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper and operational products are organic in nature, from recycled events, or derived from certified managed earth-friendly processes.

We provide fresh filtered water at our studio for your convenience. We do not sell water at our studio. These plastic water bottles can be toxic to the environment, as well as break down and leach harmful chemicals under repeated use in hot environments.

Sol Yoga Instructors

The teachers at Sol Yoga Studios in La Jolla are individually selected based on four primary components: enthusiasm, talent, patience and life-path. This value statement is reflected in each and every class you experience. It is our primary goal to provide you with consistent, extraordinary, motivating and challenging classes in a convenient, clean, beautiful and heart-felt environment. At Sol Yoga our teachers reward is the glow on your face, the size of your smile and seeing your progress.

Take a look at some of the amazing testimonials from some of our students.

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