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Frequently Asked Questions, Page 2

How long are the classes and do I need to check in before class, make a reservation for class, or can I just show up? The Sol Yoga classes are 60 minutes long and there is no need to register in advance. Reservations are not required but some classes do fill up so we recommend that you plan to arrive about 15 minutes early to secure a spot in class. We ask that all students check in at the front desk and log in on the sign-up sheet or with your Sol Yoga key card. If new to Sol Yoga you are required to fill out a short “new student” form. Arriving early will also leave you ample time to ask any questions, prepare for class, and relax onto your mat. Open your mind and be prepared to have fun.

How is Sol Yoga hot yoga different from other hot yoga?
Sol Yoga differs in the following ways:

Complete workout. On a physical level Sol Yoga is a comprehensive workout that focuses on upper and lower body strength, balance and flexibility. Sol Yoga also focuses on opening the hips where lower back and knee pain often originate. The intensity of the workout can be adjusted for any body type or fitness level.

Accessibility. Anyone can practice Sol Yoga because our instructors are trained in the modifications to make Sol Yoga practice safe for any fitness level or body type. And through our Karma Yoga Classes, one’s finances need not be a barrier to a regular practice.

Community. In addition to making hot yoga more accessible through our Karma Yoga Classes, we work actively with local charities by providing regular donations and offering free yoga instruction in underserved areas.

Care for the environment. All Sol Yoga studios are built with sustainable and non-toxic supplies, lights and heating systems are low consumption, and all studios are cleaned with environmentally friendly products. We also donate monthly to Zero Footprint, an organization that measures the environmental impact of our studios and directs us on how to best offset our ‘carbon footprint’ through donations to environmental protection groups.

Why is the studio heated and will this make the class more challenging for me? Yes,…. The heat will make the classes more challenging. At Sol Yoga our goal is to mirror the original environment in which Yoga was originated. Yoga’s origins are traced back 5,000 years to India where temperatures can commonly be found well into the 90’s and 100’s. Heated yoga will help increase circulation to tissues and organs, enhance the functioning of the immune system, as well as provide great healing influence to the entire body. However, we encourage students to pace themselves and determine the intensity that works best for them in each posture and throughout the class. Sol Yoga classes will provide you with a healthy and challenging workout.

What does ‘Yoga’ mean? Yoga can be traced back to 5,000 years ago and is a Sanskrit word meaning to join, or yoke; union. Its’ full meaning is about the union of body, mind and spirit. It also is about the ending of the chatter of the mind, so that the mind can experience stillness, thus a meditative mind can be nurtured.For our culture, yoga is about the lessening of stress and anxiety of modern life; about relaxation, strength, and flexibility. A quiet mind and body can awaken the depths of being.

What does “Namasté” mean? Sol Yoga instructors commonly end class with the traditional acknowledgement of “Namasté.” This gesture is an acknowledgement of the soul in one by the soul in another. “Nama” means bow; “as” means I; and “te” means you. Therefore, Namasté literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.” This gesture is a deep form of respect.

I’ve never taken a yoga class before. How do I start? Yes. We have created an encouraging environment in which all levels and abilities can practice yoga. We recommend beginners start with a Sol Yoga 1-2 class. This is mildly heated Vinyasa Power Flow class is designed to teach and motivate beginners with the fundamentals for a healthy and rewarding practice, as well as stimulate and refine the practice and spirit of the mildly heated environment which stimulates flexibility, healing, blood flow, focus, detoxification, muscle toning and stamina. In each class emphasis is placed upon core strengthening, balance, focus, personal intention and linking breath to movement. It is a classic and dynamic power yoga flow sequence done to exhilarate and strengthen your body, focus and calm your mind and elevate your spirits.Depending on the student’s experience, we generally recommend taking anywhere from five to ten Sol Yoga 1-2 classes before taking Sol Yoga 2-3 classes.We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class and recommend beginners commit to attending three classes in the first week. This will begin to create a solid physical base and an intellectual understanding that will eventually help build strength, focus, stamina and flexibility.

What if I’m not that flexible? Flexibility is something yoga gives you; you don’t have to be flexible to start a yoga practice. Yoga brings flexibility to the body. When you sit a lot during the work day, or when you’re engaging in repetitive motion activities, you’re shortening your muscles; yoga allows you to lengthen and expand, and release toxins that build up during these activities.Increased flexibility is not yoga’s only objective, nor its only benefit. The ultimate benefit of yoga – to harmoniously unite body, mind and spirit in a healthful physical practice – can be experienced regardless of whether you’re able to easily touch your toes.

What if I just can’t do a posture? If you encounter a posture that you are not quite ready for, you can ask the teacher for modifications. All of our teachers are trained to help new student’s master postures safely and successfully. You can also opt to rest, or do another pose that you would like to work on. The important thing to remember is that this is your practice. We foster a non-competitive environment and encourage you to honor your body and do only what is comfortable and feels right to you. With time, you may find that you can, indeed, master that challenging posture.

How often should I practice? A successful yoga practice requires discipline, consistency and commitment. To experience the true benefits of a yoga practice, we recommend practicing four to six days per week. A practice of two to three days per week, if consistent, will create transformation over time. Develop the spirit of repetition and dedication in your practice and you will see results.

When can I expect to see progress in my yoga practice? Each individual will respond differently to yoga, based on a myriad of factors including age, physical condition, and genetics. What is far more important than measuring “progress” is to simply embrace where your practice is, and let go of any arbitrary self-imposed “goals.” Yoga is truly a life-long pursuit; one that you can go on exploring as long as you live and never learn all there is to know. Yoga is about the journey, so enjoy the ride.

What are some of the benefits of yoga? There are countless benefits to Sol Yoga classes, including stress reduction, increased blood circulation, flexibility, and strength; and improved sleep patterns and relaxation. A regular practice (at least three times a week) can reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases (e.g. arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid disorders).

I’ve been athletic all my life, but right now I’m suffering from injuries. Can Yoga help me recover? Absolutely, and it is vitally important that you communicate any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries to your teacher before class. That way the poses can be structured to accommodate your needs and help you heal and recover. And, you will reap all the benefits of Yoga, focus, clarity, stress-relief, and increased energy while you rehabilitate.

Help, I need to lose weight. Can Yoga help me do this and which classes are best for weight loss? The answer is YES! Any of our yoga classes can help you lose weight. The combination of moving through the postures and working with your breath is a great way to increase your metabolism and burn calories. And, practicing Yoga will make you more conscious and mindful of when and what you are eating and how you are taking care of your body. Yoga also improves your posture; flexibility and muscle tone, helping you look longer and leaner.

My doctor recommended I take Yoga to help me manage stress. But which class would be best and does Yoga really help? Yoga is one of the most ancient and venerated forms of stress relief. Yoga is a complete mind/body practice that promotes mental clarity, enhanced self-awareness, physical and mental calm, and an overall sense of wellbeing and release. Sol Yoga’s classes will provide excellent stress-relief and help you on your road to greater peace and happiness, but we especially recommend one of our restorative yoga classes for immediate help with managing stress.

What should I bring/wear to class? Please bring a mat, a towel and a bottle of water if you have one. Please note that Sol Yoga rents towels and mats and also sells water. Wear fitted exercise clothing (avoid cotton) that you can sweat in. Avoid any accessories or jewelry that could impede your movement. We also ask that you avoid wearing any perfume. Sol Yoga maintains a fragrance-free environment. Yoga is practiced with bare feet so you will be asked to remove your shoes. Lastly turn off your cell phone or pager before entering class.

When should I avoid doing hot yoga? Hot Yoga is great for most people; however it is contraindicated under the following circumstances.Pregnancy. Women in their first trimester of pregnancy, unless they have kept up a regular hot yoga practice for at least 6 months and have your physicians approval.Heart Disease. Those suffering from severe heart disease that limits cardiovascular activity should consult their doctor about being in a heated environment.

Children. It is best that hot yoga is practiced only after the child’s sweat glands have developed – usually around a girl’s first menstruation or a boy’s growth spurt.

Is Sol Yoga a cardio workout? Yes. No matter what your level of fitness, you will find Sol Yoga classes not only challenging, but powerful workouts that go beyond just cardiovascular workouts. All postures combine flexibility, strength, and balance to work the entire body. With patience and dedication, you can lose weight, develop muscle tone and strength, and become more flexible than with other forms of exercise. Physiologists agree that yoga provides benefits well beyond flexibility and relaxation. Recent research shows that yoga may also improve lung function, strength and aerobic capacity, according to Yoga Journal.

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