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by R. Christian Minson and Catherine Arena

HOLISTICLIVING_Breath Session 015“I feel like the sun is shining on me from the inside out,” a client exclaimed after I had guided her through an hour-long Transformational Breath™ session. It was a remarkable contrast to the intense stress and anxiety that she was experiencing 60 minutes before. In terms of the physical and emotional upheaval that is plaguing the majority of the population, it was a statement of hope and relief in these turbulent times.

What is the miracle ingredient that brought forth such a major transformation in this woman in such a small amount of time? Quite simply: the breath.

There is nothing more foundational to our holistic health and healing—physical, emotional, and spiritual—than our breathing. Healing and wellness can be accelerated through the use of conscious breathing techniques as found in Transformational Breathing.

To quickly comprehend the effectiveness of Transformational Breathing, thumb through Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly, by Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation. The many examples in this paperback support the powerful declaration from prominent psychotherapist, Dr. Henry Smith-Rohrberg: “one Transformational Breath session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.”

At the California Institute of Human Sciences (CIHS) in Encinitas, California, the techniques of conscious breathing are raising eyebrows. CIHS Researcher Koji Tsuchiya, PhD, has teamed up with Certified Transformational Breath Facilitators at Breathflow Wellness and LivingOne to conduct a series of experiments designed to quantify the healing potential of the Transformational Breathing process.

“As your breath flows, so your life flows” is the axiom of Breathflow Wellness, emphasizing that there is a direct link between the quality of our breathing and the quality of our lives. Conscious breathing shifts the way we are feeling in the moment simply by changing the pattern of our breath. Almost everyone suffers from stored emotional energy patterns from the past: traumas, parental issues, depression, abuse, and even painful experiences of birth. Unfortunately, the list can be quite long for many people. Employing Transformational Breathing helps us to loosen and integrate stuck energies that no longer serve our highest good, which translates into emotional balance and freedom from chronic issues and reoccurring illnesses.

On a metaphysical level, the breath is synonymous with our spirit. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape movement calls the breath “our biological reminder of who we are and of whose we are.” According to ancient wisdom of the East, prana, or life energy, is said to be generated in large part through our breathing. Dr. Andrew Weil, American author and physician who developed the field of integrative medicine has referred to breath as “the movement of the spirit in the body.” In fact, the word “spirit” itself comes from the Latin root spiritus, which means “to breathe.” The word “respiration” comes from the root respirare, which means to “re-spirit.” In other words, every time we take in a breath, we are literally “re-spiriting” our bodies with that primary energy or prana that is the essence of our being. Transformational Breathing techniques can be used to create a deeper connection with spirit and with all life, resulting in an increased intuitive awareness and a blissful outlook on life, unaffected by the up-and-down swings inherent in nature.

Breathflow, Continued …

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