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Alex Zipper

Alex came to her mat casually at first with park yoga classes in Runyon Canyon, pretty sure that yoga was “not for her” but curious enough to try. About a year later, after checking out her first hot yoga class while living in the craziness that is Hollywood, she was hooked. What had been a casual exercise option turned into a daily practice that started to quickly transform the rest of her life as she discovered more of herself every time she stepped on the mat. As someone who had always been going 100 miles per hour, yoga became the perfect place to slow down.

She found a that every time she came away from class, she felt a little lighter, and her mind was a little quieter. She was immediately inspired to share this with whoever she could. Alex completed her 200 hour certification in 2016 at an immersive 3 week training in Bali, Indonesia, and came away with a deeper understanding of this beautiful practice and of herself. Still shy to teach, in early 2017 she completed a 50 hour power yoga extension program at Corepower Yoga, and with the confidence found there, started teaching right away. Alex believes there is an opportunity every time you practice to find just a little bit more freedom and a space, whether that is in your body, your breath, or your thoughts. She encourages her students to be present and focused, but to also have fun and explore their limitless potential. Alex teaches with a strong Hatha/Tantra foundation and a focus on alignment and pranayama, uniting breath and body in her vinyasa teaching!

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