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Allie Hobson

Allie is a native San Diegan who has always been engaged in health and fitness, starting with competitive gymnastics at a young age. She pursued a career in design and architecture, where her choreography background plays nicely with the creativity that shines in her work. With a busy work life, she found a great outlet in cardiovascular workouts with long distance running, spinning classes and bootcamps. However, it wasn’t long before she realized that there was a missing piece needed to balance out her active routine. Yoga seemed to always pop up as the hidden gem she had not yet fully discovered. It all began when she took a class with a friend at this very studio. From there, Allie began to see all of her life’s endeavors come to a common point of intersection with yoga as the binding form.

The combination of strength, balance and flexibility brought about a mindful and spiritual awakening, and the recipe began to consume her. The personal exploration and growth that she experiences from yoga is something of an organic gift, with a new way of living and positive view of the world. She feels a profound sense of appreciation for life and wants to share that with others, just as her teachers have shared that with her. Yoga is a true testament of living a holistic, healthy and fulfilled life. With every class, Allie hopes to ignite that spark in her students on and off their mats.

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