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Alyssa Runyan

Alyssa’s journey on the path of yoga began long before she rolled out a yoga mat. The awareness she cultivated from her vipassana meditation practice helped her realize the transformative power of yoga from her very first class. After completing her first 200 hour teacher training in 2010, she began teaching immediately. It didn’t take long before she knew that teaching yoga was her passion; following her instincts and relying on faith she quit her job as an animal nurse to teach yoga full time. Her trust in the universe paid off; she now balances teaching yoga, managing a studio, and continuing her own education as a teacher and a student.

From beginning hatha to advanced vinyasa, Alyssa enjoys working with yogis of all levels in a myriad of styles. Her teaching demands a strong cultivation of awareness, while weaving in meaningful spiritual themes which are very pertinent to everyday western life. She is currently immersed in a year-long Anusara training and is delighted to incorporate these teachings into her classes. She believes yoga is a path to revealing our divine nature, one mindful breath at a time.

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