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Demi Piriya

practices and shares yoga with the belief that asana are gateways toward holistic wellbeing, permeating both the physical body and beyond. She guides classes that span a spectrum of intentions, from dynamic Vinyasa flow to grounded Hatha to gentle restorative. Her signature style offers movement infused with dance and isometric exercise, coupled with guided meditation and imagery intended to expand perspective—always prioritizing anatomical intelligence whilst encouraging freedom of movement. Throughout this embodiment, Demi also weaves together storytelling and subtler facets of yoga inspired by her deep interest in the mystic philosophy of yoga study. She encourages practitioners to take yoga off the mat and out into the world, particularly out into nature.

Demi’s background in yoga began years ago with a recurring liking for how asana felt in her body, eventually evolving to encompass a spiritual pathway. Yoga helped to create healing rooted in self-value that has since carried her through recovery from harmful patterns. Demi has devoted herself to empowering others with yoga’s capacity for strengthening and nourishing, and is currently pursuing her 500-hour RYT certification with the Rasa Yoga academy. She has also branched out to leading aerial yoga, and occasionally yoga with goats. Otherwise, you can find Demi training aerial silks and lyra, exploring and jamming hard rock tunes.

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