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Samantha Snow

I began practicing yoga in 2004 to try to calm my mind chatter. After practicing on and off for several years I discovered heated yoga and took my first heated class at Sol Yoga in 2010. I became hooked to the physical and mental benefits of heated yoga. It enabled me to go deeper into poses, focus more on my breath, and live in the present moment. After practicing at several heated yoga studios I got certified through CorePower Yoga in August of 2012. For my students, I provide a challenging class while emphasizing self-love and compassion. I draw attention to using your breath to stay in the present moment and I encourage individuals to find their unique practice that feels best to them. My goal is to allow my students to explore their own practice in a safe way.

Outside of yoga, I have 3 wonderful dogs and a cat that I love. I stay very active and enjoy stand up paddle boarding and other various sports like volleyball.

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