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Integrating the Timeless Teachings of the Yoga Sutra into Practice

In this three-hour workshop, Christopher will present some of the most practical, core teachings of the Yoga Sūtra in simple and practical language
 Students will be introduced to arguably the most important and under-studied facet of the Yoga Sūtra: Patañjali’s model of the ‘mind-cycle,’ which can:

  • Help us to see how we limit our experience of joy by investing mental and emotional energy into delimiting cycles of thought
  • Show us how our practice can be used to expose and to dissolve habitual, unconscious patterns that are the cause of all suffering

Students will be given simple yet empowering meditation practices, that, when added to a daily āsana routine, are meant to reveal the magnanimity of the Immortal Self which joyfully resides behind the ‘whirling of the mind’

About Chris: Christopher Tompkins, MTS, MA, PhD track, has 3 degrees in Religion and Sanskrit, including Master’s degrees from Harvard and UC Berkeley. Christopher lectures nationally in Universities and Yoga centers on the history, philosophy, and practices of Indian Yoga. He is the co-originator of the Foundation for Yoga.


Please note that the Christopher Tompkins event will be held at Bindu Yoga Studio in the heart of Del Mar Village.

When: Friday, May 6th, 2011, 6 – 9pm

Cost: $50 Paid in advance (or included in Yoga Teacher Training tuition)

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