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with Maneli Jodat ~ Art is a natural sanctuary for trust, self-confidence and clarity.

When: Saturday, June 18th, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

FREE for Sol autopay and annual members (register in person)
$30 for non-members

*register early to reserve your space!*

Workshop Postponed

Deepen the journey of self-discovery through meditation & art-making
The workshop begins with meditation on a chakra as a tool to relax the mind. As the mind becomes receptive, we explore the body with asanas for that chakra. With energized mind and aligned body, then we deepen the journey of self-discovery through art-making.

Art-making is a type of meditation, an active training of the mind that increase awareness and emphasizes acceptance without judgment by creating space between our often negative thoughts. Similarly to meditation, art can help us tap into a deeper and quieter parts of ourselves. Making art fosters acceptance and provides a feeling of flow and freedom. It allows for true self-expression and helps us become steady and centered. In the process of making art, we speak the unspeakable

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See more of Maneli’s art works: click here

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