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with Allie Hobson

When: Saturday, Oct 1st from 1:30 – 3:30 pm
In a busy world with heavy demands, sometimes stressful lives and nutrient-poor modern diets, the detoxifying systems in our body sometimes need a RESET. Utilizing your yoga practice can allow you to assist the body, so it can perform its natural detoxing functions. Further aiding these functions, supplementing with the right diet to include foods to support digestion and eliminate inflammation, is the key to a healthy gut. Gut health is at the core of finding complete mind and body wellness.

*Come learn all the most cleansing and detoxifying postures in yoga. We will dive deep into how they can help aid the body in releasing all the unwanted toxins that can dwell within our system.

*You will learn each individual asana, the correct alignment and how it directly impacts a specific system in the body to aid in cleansing waste.

*We will use all of these postures and flow through a Vinyasa sequence, targeting these systems. By systematically stretching and compressing parts of our anatomy, this greatly impacts the way in which we can keep the body functioning well and our minds clear.

*We will explore the nutritional side of detoxification, by learning which foods to incorporate in our diet, supplement with, and avoid. We will learn several recipes that you can take with you to pair with your daily yoga practice.

Past Event

Join Allie Hobson, The personal exploration and growth that she experiences from yoga is something of an organic gift, with a new way of living and positive view of the world. She feels a profound sense of appreciation for life and wants to share that with others, just as her teachers have shared that with her.

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