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When: Friday, April 15th, 2011, 6 – 9pm


Cost: $50 Paid in advance (or included in Yoga Teacher Training tuition)

Like so many other spiritual traditions yoga has evolved and grown through centuries of evolution. Embark on an historical tour of yoga philosophy, culminating with the revolutionary vision of the Tantric Tradition. In this stimulating workshop you will: Gain a deeper understanding of the key differences of the primary time periods in the evolution of yoga. (Vedic, Classical, Advata Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Bhakti, and Shakta Tantra Goddess Based Teachings, and Yoga in the WEST). Dive into some of the ancient texts and their intentions including the Vedas, Upanishads, and Gita. Contemplate the unique Tantric concepts of ultimate freedom, self-awareness, the power of community, auspiciousness, and the play of concealment and revelation ~ Explore the role of desire, the ego, illusion, and nature’s intelligent pulsation ~ Cultivate practical tools to skillfully take back into the inquiry of day-to-day living.

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Inner Wisdom, Outer Expression, Embodied Living

When: Sunday, April 17th, 2011, 1 – 4pm

Cost: $50 Paid in advance (or included in Yoga Teacher Training tuition)

Inner Wisdom, Outer Expression, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Embodied Living: Prana in the form of the breath is the key player in the practice of yoga. Through intelligent guidance of this majestic life force we can travel inside and explore our internal landscape. As we awaken the inner energy of prana we can utilize it to support us in deeper states of meditation. From the inner realms of our being we are better able to step into the world to cultivate the life we truly want to lead. In this in depth experience you will: Dive more deeply into yogic subtle anatomy ~ Explore the bandhas (seals) and kumbhas (breath holdings) to source greater amounts of life force ~ Learn new pranayamas like Bhramari and Spinal Breathing ~ Investigate concentrated practices involving Ajna Chakra, the place of conscious command and manifestation ~ Take part in various meditation techniques including mantra, seated, sensory, and motion.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

When: Sunday, April 17th, 2011, 4 – 5:15pm

Cost: $20 Paid in advance (or included in Yoga Teacher Training tuition)

Join Danny Arguetty, Author of “Nourishing the Teacher” & “Beginner to Vigorous Vinyasa Flow” for an incredible experience on your mat and in your being. A gifted teacher and a not to be missed experience! “Danny is a special teacher. Who’s incredibly gentle and creative spirit shines in his classes. His posture flows are challenging, and his fluid guidance invites opening and expansion. His classes are always impeccably well-prepared, and the thematic elements he weaves throughout them bring depth and fullness to the experience—taking it into multiple dimensions and opening up new pathways of energy and spirit. I leave feeling humbled, inspired, and open-hearted.” ~Sarah Silberman, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco, CA~

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All Three Classes with Danny Arguetty

Cost: $100 Paid in advance

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