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Presented by: Kelsey Martin

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Chakra Asana Workshop

When: Saturday, Oct 10th from 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Yoga is practiced not only to train your mind and body, but to access your chakras. The word yoga means union, and the chakra system represents the means through which mind, body and spirit (energy) are connected.

Kelsey’s unique workshop will take you on a journey through the body structure that is founded on these chakras. Students will learn about each energy center followed by a specific asana sequence to stimulate each Chakra.

Past Event

The workshop will conclude with an ancient Vinyasa sequence to access every Chakra
(performed daily said to be the “Fountain of Youth.”)

$30 for non-members

*register early to reserve your space*

Sol Autopay and Annual members – FREE!
*register in studio to reserve your space

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