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Friday, June 20th-Sunday, June 22nd

retreat-graceTake your yoga practice to the next level with GRACE…

Our bodies and our yoga practice, like our lives, inevitably change. Through all these changes the cultivation of stability, strength, and a sense of self can lead to a renewed and profound experience of life. Join Daniela and other fellow yogis and yoginis in the beautiful mountains of Southern California to explore the next step in your personal evolution, with grace.

retreat-zenAbout Yokoji-Zen

Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center is one of the most respected Zen Training Centers in the Western world, regarded so by Japanese and Western teachers alike. Our doors are open to people from all spiritual traditions and walks of life who would like to directly experience, and gain insight into, their true nature.

danielaAbout Daniela

Daniela finds that the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of yoga practice naturally lend to the journey of self-discovery. Trained in Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga along with Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and the Energetic Body, Daniela aims to hold a space of openness, curiosity and self-exploration for her students.She believes retreats provide a ripe opportunity for the creation and enjoyment of such a space!


Price includes all retreat activities, lodging, and healthy, vegetarian meals.
Early Bird (before 5/1): $275
Regular: $325

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Contact Us

If you have further questions or would like to contact Daniela directly, email her at

Planned Activities

  • Yoga Asana Practice: Since it is a yoga retreat, we will be doing a fair amount of yoga asana, ranging from restorative to more athletic styles. You are always free to modify, opt out, or meditate instead of practicing if you would like.
    • Ayuryoga Grounding Asana: a restorative practice that focuses on creating a sense of safety in your body and the space you inhabit.
    • Awakening Empowerment Asana: a cardio-vascular vinyasa flow that fuses detoxification with strength building and core work.
    • Sense and Shift Asana: a mixture of traditional hatha and vinaysa yoga styles emphasizing alignment, balance, and the art of transition.
    • Surrender to Grace Asana: a fusion of traditional hatha and yin poses that inspire an experience of release and deep relaxation.
    • From One to Many Asana: half vinyasa flow, half contact partner yoga, a flow that incorporates individual practice and growth with communal practice and growth.
  • Ayurveda Lecture: The sister science of yoga, Ayurveda is translated as “the science of life.” You will get a brief overview of how the elements that make up the earth also make up your body and how to create an internal and external environment that creates balance and stability for your specific body/mind/spirit.
  • Thai Massage: an ancient form of body work that combines the energetic with the physiological body, Thai Massage is a natural complement to any yoga practice. We will partner up and learn a few moves that are great to use anywhere on anyone.
  • Hiking: Idyllwild is an absolutely beautiful place and we will most definitely take the time to explore the landscape and the sights.
  • Meditation: Daniela will lead three guided meditations, which are all optional:
    • Chakra Meditation: a guided journey through the seven energy centers of the body.
    • Clarifying Meditation: a guided meditation of bringing in and letting go.
    • Personal Journey Meditation: a guided meditation through your personal development as an individual and the desires and dreams for who you want to evolve into.
  • Journaling: There is a strong power in the written word. Sometimes we have a hard time understanding or facing the thoughts in our heads. Journaling is a great emotional and mental outlet. There will be a scheduled journaling session and the option to share your thoughts if you want, but you are definitely not required to do so. You can also take the time to journal whenever you want!
  • Non-conventional Mantra: Basically, we are going to burst out in song. You can sing, you can dance, you can sit and listen; you can do all or none of these things. There will be printed out “mantras”- these are not ancient, traditional Sanskrit songs. These are songs you have more than likely heard before, and though they are not of the Vedic traditional, they are very much yogic.
  • Play Time: Whether practicing partner yoga, Thai Massage, friendly conversation, or maybe an impromptu game of charades, fooling around and having fun is REQUIRED on this retreat! Unleash your inner child!
  • Dharma Lecture: When in Yokoji-Zen, do as the Buddhists do. As part of the monastic routine, the monks have a Buddhist Dharma Lecture that we have been invited to attend! This is a very special opportunity to learn about Buddhist spirituality.
  • Run/Jog (OPTIONAL): Daniela likes to run. So she is going on a run- and you can join her or just let her do her thing.

General Schedule

Friday June, 20th:

5:30-7p: Arrival and Settling In
7:00p: Welcome Circle
7:30p: Retreat Introduction and Q&A Session
8:30p: Ayuryoga Grounding Asana Practice
9:45p: Closing Circle
10:30-11:00p LIGHTS OUT

Saturday, June 21st:

6:30a: Opening Circle + Awakening Empowerment Asana Practice
7:30a: Breakfast
8:15a: Free Time
9a: Chakra Meditation
9:30a: Thai Massage Intro
10:30a: PLAY TIME!!!
11:30a: Introduction to Ayurveda
12:30p: Lunch
1:30p: Free Time
2:30p: Nature Hike
4:00p: Sense and Shift Asana Practice
5:00p: Non-conventional Mantra
5:30p: Dinner
6:15p: Free Time
7:15p: (optional) Pranayama and Clarifying Meditation
7:45p: Surrender to Grace Asana Practice
8:45p: Group Journaling
9:15p: Reflection and Closing Circle
9:45p: Free Time
10:30-11:00p: LIGHTS OUT

Sunday, June 22nd:

7a: (optional) Morning Jog
7:30a: Breakfast
8:00a: (optional) Personal Journey Meditation
8:30a: From One to Many Asana Practice
9:45a: Play Time/Thai Massage
10:30a: Free Time
11:20a: Dharma Lecture
12:30p: Closing Circle and Say Goodbye!
2p: Check Out! All rooms must be cleared and grounds clean!

General Information


Three wholesome vegetarian meals will be served per day (at 7:30a, 12:30p and 5:30p). Retreat participants are required to clean wash dishes/clean up after themselves. Snacks and coffee will be available at all times. If you have food restrictions please contact Daniela IN WRITING upon signing up AND Yokoji-Zen (951-659-5272) needs to be notified 2 weeks prior to the retreat to make arrangements. If no prior notice is made you will be responsible for preparing your own meal in the independent kitchenette.

Lodging & Accommodations:

Accommodations: There are multiple options for lodging. The base price covers a dormitory style sleeping arrangement for 10-12 people next to showers and toilets. There are also private and semi-private cabins available upon request and for an extra cost (please email Daniela directly if interested) and a general restroom/shower located by the dining hall.

What To Bring:

  • sleeping bag/blankets
  • pillow
  • towels and personal wash stuff
  • flashlight
  • work out and weather appropriate clothing (it is warm during the day and chilly at night)
  • sneakers
  • sunglasses
  • allergy medication if required
  • yoga mat
  • meditation cushion or something to sit on comfortably
  • journal and pen/pencil

*Organic and natural products are encouraged but not required


Your initial departure from San Diego to Idyllwild can be individual or communal, depending on what works best for you. A carpool leaving the park behind La Jolla Village will depart around 3:00pm and arrive at Yokoji-Zen around 5:15-6pm. Individual departure from San Diego is also permitted, but arrival at Yokoji-Zen before 8:30pm is mandatory, as that is when the monks retire. Only emergency arrivals will be received past 8:30pm. Our official check out time of Sunday, June 22nd are vacated and their surrounding areas clean by 1:30pm out of respect and courtesy for the monks.


  • Do I need to be an experienced yogi to go? Not at all! This retreat is open to all levels of yoga practitioners and people who have never done yoga as well! All we ask is that you keep an open mind and are willing to try things that may seem odd or out of your comfort zone. At the end of the day, this experience is what you make of it. Take what serves you, and leave what doesn’t.
  • Can I work out a payment plan? The Earlybird payment ($275*) option is already a discounted price, so no payment plan option is available before May 1st. Further payment plan options can be discussed in private, but there is NO GUARANTEE of any specific payment plan option. Please contact Daniela specifically for details. *Our base fee does not apply to semi-private and private rooms. For booking of these rooms for extra cost, contact Daniela dierectly.
  • What does the $275*/$325* fee cover? The retreat fee covers meals, lodging and retreat activities. Carpooling is recommended, since the fee DOES NOT cover transportation.
  • Is it okay to come for only part of the retreat? If you need to leave early or can only come for a portion of the retreat you are more than welcome to. However, we cannot adjust the price of the retreat for a shortened stay. If you choose to leave early or to participate in only part of the retreat you are still required to pay the $275*/$325* fee.
  • What IS NOT allowed on the retreat? Hairdryers or other heat-producing electrical items, such as space heaters and anything that creates fire are prohibited due to the center’s location in a fire hazard zone. There is no public cell or internet service at the center, so it is suggested to leave laptops and cell phones at home. If you need to use electrical equipment during the retreat, please make a request through the office at Yokoji-Zen (951-659-5272). DRUGS, WEAPONS, and ALCOHOL are a cosmic NO, and can result in an expulsion from the retreat WITHOUT a refund. There are designated areas for tobacco smoking if needed. Make sure to ask the staff at the office where you are allowed to smoke.
  • How will I get there? There will be an option to carpool with other yogis/yoginis from the park behind La Jolla Village. The organized car pool will leave at 3:30pm on Friday, June 20th takes approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours to arrive at the center. The monks go to bed at 8:30 so no arrivals will be received past that time. Directions are included at the bottom of this document.
  • What if I want some time for myself or need a break? There is nothing that you are required to do- this retreat is first and foremost your own personal journey and you are free to take as much personal time as you need. However, it is highly recommend to participate in as many activities as you can, as they will help you grow and learn about yourself.
  • What if I get sick or there is an emergency? Daniela is CPR/First Aid certified and has worked as a first responder, and the staff at Yokoji is also prepared for emergency situations. We will also require an emergency contact for all retreat participants. Unfortunately, if you must leave the retreat due to health or injury, no refund can be administered.
  • Are people unassociated with Sol allowed to come? ABSOLUTELY! This retreat is open to the general public.
  • How many people are allowed to go? Although the probability of reaching max capacity is low, we will limit the retreat to 35 people. If you are quite certain you want to attend signing up ASAP is recommended.
  • What if I have an altercation with another retreat member? Yogis and yoginis are generally pretty easy-going and open people, but if some sort of conflict does arise between you and another retreat participant, approach Daniela when appropriate and let her know what is going on. Certain behavior such as stealing, violence, or sexual harassment will NOT be tolerated and can result in an expulsion from the retreat WITHOUT a refund. These acts are also crimes and have judiciary consequences as well beyond the scope of the retreat.

Address And Directions


Yokoji Zen Mountain Center
58900 Apple Canyon Road
Mountain Center, CA 92561
Drive 110 mi, 2h 3min

FROM: La Jolla

Get on CA-52 E
3.7 mi / 7 min

Take I-15 N and CA-79 S to CA-371 E/Cahuilla Rd in Aguanga
71.8 mi / 1 h 8 min

Turn left onto CA-371 E/Cahuilla Rd
Continue to follow CA-371 E
20.7 mi / 23 min

Turn left onto CA-74 W/Hwy 74 W/Pines to Palms Hwy
9.1 mi / 10 min

Drive to Apple Canyon Rd
4.7 mi / 15 min

Turn right onto Apple Canyon Rd
4.4 mi

Turn left to stay on Apple Canyon Rd
Destination will be on the right
0.2 mi

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