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Yoga Class Descriptions

Sol 60

Sol 60 is our signature series. This is a classic and vigorous Power Vinyasa Flow. Emphasis is placed on breath with movement, core strength, balance, and focus. This class is sequenced to create a strong foundation on which to build your yoga practice. Appropriate for beginner and intermediate students. (60 min, 94°F)

Sol 75

Sol 75 takes all of the poses from our Sol 60 series and goes even deeper; emphasis is placed on alignment to allow you to truly explore the depth of each asana (pose). Appropriate for beginner and intermediate students. (75 minutes, 94°F)

Sol Reset

Sol Reset is a gentle yoga class steeped in the Iyengar tradition of restorative yoga. Designed to help the body release tension and self-heal through the application of supported asana, each class will focus on a specific chakra center and it’s corresponding physiology to improve balance and vitality of the nervous system, muscular elasticity and efficiency, and release mental stress and anxiety. (60 or 90 minutes, 80°F)

All Levels Vinyasa

All Levels Vinyasa is a challenging Power Vinyasa flow that is not sequenced. The teacher is able to offer variations for newer and advanced students. All levels welcome. Not recommended for first time students. (60 minutes, 96-97°F)

Intermediate Vinyasa

Intermediate Vinyasa is a Power Vinyasa Flow which builds upon the poses taught in our Sol 60/75 series. Students are exposed to new sequences, postures, arm balances, core work, and challenge. Appropriate for intermediate and advanced practitioners or very enthusiastic beginners. (60 minutes, 96-97°F)

Advanced Vinyasa

Advanced Vinyasa is dynamic class featuring intense flows and more advanced arm balances and inversions. Push your limits and play your edge. ***This class is NOT suitable for beginners***(60 minutes, 96-98°F)

Hot Hatha Fusion

Hot Hatha Fusion is a set series which links classic Hatha and Bikram poses with breath. Postures are held for longer allowing you explore your breath, body, and endurance. (60 minutes, 100 – 103°F)

Sunrise Flow

Sunrise Flow is an all levels vinyasa flow for early morning yogis. Literally salute the rising sun in this class where variations and modifications are offered for newer and advanced students. Not recommended for first time students. (60 minutes, 95-96°F)

Sunset Flow

Sunset Flow is an all levels vinyasa class for late night yogis. Taught in a dim room to the soft glow of candlelight; challenge your balance and grow your inner focus. Modifications and variations offered for newer and advanced students. Not recommended for first time students. (60 minutes, 95-96°F)

Benefits of Yoga


Increase Strength & Flexibility
Strengthen & tone the body
Increase Energy
Improve Circulation & Complexion
Posture & Alignment Improvement


Relieve Mild Depression
Anxiety, & Fatigue
Improve Sense of Well-Being
Improved Sleep
Personal Growth & Self Awareness
Promotes Peace & Relaxation


Detoxify & Stimulate Organs & Glands
Improve Metabolism
Stimulate Central Nervous System
Improved Immune Response
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