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Current Workshops:

Free Member Workshop :: Inversions & Arm Balances

w/ Marissa Nicole Hentschel
Sat - Jan 12th, 2019

Interested in expanding your practice? We put a lot of work into developing exciting, new and fun yoga workshops for our students to take it beyond the classroom and become educated on the many teachings of yoga. View our current and past workshops below. Follow us on social media or our mailing list to get updates on our up-and-coming yoga workshops in San Diego and weekend yoga retreats.

Events and Yoga Workshops in San Diego

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Past Workshops

Check out some of our past workshops. We often have repeat workshops, so you never know if we’ll have one of these again.

Free Member Workshop : Yoga Fundamentals

w/ Maneli Jodat
Saturday Dec 1st

Free Member Workshop :: Pranayama Flow

w/ Daniela Kent
Sat - Nov 17th, 2018

Free Member workshop :: Arm Balance Workshop

w/ Maneli Jodat
Saturday, Oct 6th

YogiKids :: Workshop

w/ Kelsey Martin
June 16th, 2018

Free Member workshop :: Arm Balance Workshop

w/ Maneli Jodat
Saturday June 30th

Free Member Workshop :: Restore & Renew

w/ Daniela Kent
Saturday May 26th

Free Member Workshop :: Spring Awakening: Mindfulness & Movement

w/ Lauren Autenrieth
Saturday April 28th

Free Class and YTT Info Session

w/ Marissa D'errico
Alyssa Runyan
Saturday February 17th

Free Member Workshop :: Firm Foundations

w/ Jessica Martin
Saturday January 20th

Teacher Training Spring 2018

Marissa Nicole D'Errico & Alyssa Runyan
March 2nd – April 22nd

Free Member Workshop :: Yoga Nidra

w/ Melissa St. James
~ Past Event ~ Saturday, Dec 9th

Free Member Workshop :: Prop-Up-Shop

w/ Alex Zipper
~ Past Event ~ Nov 18th. 2017

YogiKids :: Workshop

w/ Kelsey Martin
~ Past Event ~ Nov 11th, 2017

Free Member Workshop :: Chakra Asana

w/ Jessica Martin
Past Event..

Community Workshop :: Yoga Fundamentals workshop

w/ Jessica Martin

Yoga Nidra :: Donation Based Event

w/ Melissa St. James

:: Flight School ::

w/ Marissa D’errico

Community Workshop :: Core

w/ Lauren Autenrieth

Community Workshop :: Unleash the Power of Props

w/ Juli Greenwald

Community Workshop :: Arm Balances and Inversions

w/ Rhiannon Royse

Past Workshops

Check out some of our past workshops. We often have repeat workshops, so you never know if we’ll have one of these again.

Yin Yoga: The Practice of Surrender
led by Heidi Ng

Align your Power to open your Heart
Backbends with Michael Fukumura

Light the Dark
A donation based yoga event shining light on mental health.

Meditation and Pranayama Intensive with Paisley Close
In this intensive we’ll explore six different practices — three each of pranayama and meditation — to take our yoga beyond just the postures.

Inversions and Arm Balance Workshop with Michael Fukumura, E-RYT 500
Using biomechanical principles to align your physical body and incorporating self-study techniques of ancient yogic philosophy, Michael will expertly guide you through a workshop that will transform your practice both on the mat and in your life.

Fall Yoga Teacher Training
Ready to take your practice to the next level? Become a 200 hour Registered Yoga Instructor.

Turning Inward Yoga And Meditation
Get out of your head, and into your heart with an alignment-based asana yoga practice workshop culminating in handstand.

Partner Yoga Workshop
Join Chad and Xenia for this exciting workshop where you will explore some acrobatic yoga.

Free Yoga
Join your favorite Sol Yoga instructors for free classes at the UTC mall!

Grace through Change Retreat With Daniela Kent
Join Daniela and other fellow yogis and yoginis in the beautiful mountains of Southern California to explore the next step in your personal evolution, with grace.

SPRING CLEAN–Detoxifying Diet and Wellness Program
This Spring, live in Health and Contentment with CLEAN, SOL Yoga’s exclusive detoxifying diet and wellness program designed to optimize your body’s natural ability to heal itself, achieve balance, and inspire life-long wellness.

Yin Yang Yoga Workshop With Simone Ressner
Experience the grounding and moving energy of the spirit drum and an inner reiki adjustment through an acupuncture-infused shavasana.

Meditation and Pranayama Intensive Workshop
Saturday November 9th 1pm-5pm
Join Paisley Close, RYT-500, for an afternoon dedicated to two of the deeper teachings of yoga.

Michael Fukamura – Attitude, Alignment and Action: The Magic of the 3A’s
Sunday, September 29th, 2-5 pm
Is your yoga practice or teaching hitting a plateau? This workshop is designed to breakthrough those habitual patterns of repetitive actions and ways of seeing yourself and the world around you.

Live Music Yoga
Breath, sweat, and shake your down dog as Daniela Kent and Kristi Petersen lead this All-Levels Vinyasa class.

Paddle Board Yoga
Join Samantha Snow of Sol Yoga as we explore paddle yoga on our floating mats!

Floating & Transitions
Discover Floating and the art of thoughtful Transitions with Shaun Jenkins.

Yoga Teacher’s Workshop
This 3 hour workshop is for graduates of a 200 hour YTT program looking to strengthen their vinyasa sequencing technique. Learn how to create fun, safe, and challenging classes.

The Freedom of Back Bends
Backbends are well known to increase energy, counter depression, and cultivate feelings of deep joy!

Asana Alignment Workshop
Join Laurel van den Cline for an afternoon of deepening your practice by learning about proper foundational yoga alignment. Yogis of all levels will benefit.

Chicks for … Prostate Cancer!
November is prostate cancer awareness month. Join Daniela, Jennifer B., and Alyssa for a 90 minute all levels Vinyasa class. Come breathe, flow, and groove to high energy music and get down as these girls bring on the fun.

Arm Balancing Workshop
Never done an arm balance before? No problem because you won’t leave without having accomplished at least one!

Chakra Playshop
Join Simone in an exploration of the chakra system. Chakra study encompasses the flow of bio-electric currents in the body.

Dhanurveda: The Way of the Warrior
Both Yoga and Martial Arts provide spiritual and experiential paths in the process of self-development, as well as benefits to your overall well-being.

This Spring resolve to live in health and contentment with ‘CLEAN’, an exclusive Detoxifying Diet and Wellness Program designed to optimize your body’s natural ability to heal itself, achieve balance, and inspire life-long wellness.

Valentine’s Day Play Shop: Sense Your Sensuality
Presented by Simone Ressner & Brent Skeen. Partner Thai Massage, Partner Yoga & Aerial Therapeutics, Chocolate Meditation, Play for the Senses.

Yoga as the Art of Self Love
Yoga as the Art of Self Love: Integrating the Timeless Teachings of the Yoga Sutra into Practice – In this three-hour workshop, Christopher Tompkins will present some of the most practical, core teachings of the Yoga Sūtra in simple and practical language.

The Radiance Sutras
The Radiance Sutras – Lorin Roche holds a doctorate from the University of California at Irvine for his research on the structure of meditative experience.

Meditation Practices
Meditation Practices – A teacher of meditation since 1969, Dr. Roche is the author of The Radiance Sutras, Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation Made Easy.

Anatomy Lecture
This lecture will contain an overview of all the major joints, muscles, and other systems of the body as well as discuss on which yoga poses are best for strengthening or stretching each muscle.

Physiology Lecture
Three hours of lecture including the benefits of yoga and exercise in general and what happens at the physiologic level when you stop exercising.

Inner Wisdom, Outer Expression, Embodied Living
Inner Wisdom, Outer Expression, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Embodied Living: Prana in the form of the breath is the key player in the practice of yoga.

The History of Yoga
The History of Yoga with Danny Arguetty – Embark on an historical tour of yoga philosophy, culminating with the revolutionary vision of the Tantric Tradition.

Mantras for Manifestation
Mantras are literally instruments of thought.

Live Music Flow
Live Music Flow with Steve Gold & Katie Brauer – A powerful journey of flow and music for a heart expanding experience.

Yogi Essentials
Take your practice to the next level!

Breath Flow Workshop
The Gateway to Peak Performance and Ecstatic Transformation.

Guided Sound Meditation
Nada Yoga, Guided Sound Meditation with Master sound healer, Richard Learmont.

Inversion Workshop
Inversion Workshop: Activation from the Ground Up The mystery of inversions is no match for the wisdom of yogic and acrobatic training techniques!

Peak Performance
Mindfulness, Loving Kindness, Meditation & Peak Performance – 3 class series about how to move towards love and peak life enjoyment through the practice of mindfulness, meditation, loving kindness, yoga and creativity.

Nutrition & Yoga Workshop
Nourish Your Body and Indulge Your Life!

Peak Life & Dream Tools
Interactive Yoga and Personal Development Workshop.

Guiding A Quiet Practice: A Yin Yoga Teacher Training
12-hour advanced yoga teacher training on Yin Yoga.

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